Super Admin Bootcamp - May 2024

May 23, 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Super Admin Bootcamp - May 2024

This six-week bootcamp will run from May 23 - June 27. By clicking the RSVP button below, you will be registered for the entire program and receive a calendar invite for week 1. You will receive a calendar invite for weeks 2-6 within one week of your registration.




About this session

  • Do you need some help with managing a HubSpot multi-hub installation?
  • Have you been asked to take over a new or existing HubSpot instance and need direction to understand priorities and what to do first?
  • Do you want to understand the larger picture of strategy and mindset and how you can grow your HubSpot installation efficiently throughout your organization or your customers’ organization?
  • Do you want to understand the larger picture of strategy and mindset as well as the critical administrative functions necessary to grow your HubSpot installation efficiently to meet the needs of your organization or your customer’s organization?

HubSpot Academy's Super Admin Bootcamp is an immersive six-week program designed to teach you what you need to know to be an effective admin resource for multiple hub installations, including set up, user permissions, management, records, customization, workflow automation, and how to effectively deploy HubSpot tools across the enterprise.

The course covers:

  • Setting HubSpot default settings
  • Cleaning, importing, and exporting data
  • Configuration and security
  • Workflows and sequences
  • Record customization
  • Object user management
  • Dashboards and reports

HubSpot Academy's Super Admin Bootcamp can help experienced administrators learn the right steps for deployment, security, user permissions, and scale so that you can hit the ground running with everything you need. During the six week program, HubSpot Certified Instructors will provide both information and lead hands-on activities so you can apply what you learn in a group environment to understand the why, what, and how to manage a successful HubSpot deployment.

This bootcamp is a good fit for a HubSpot user or Solution Partner that has access to two or more HubSpot Hubs (Marketing, Sales, Service, Operations, or CMS) and has had a user setting of HubSpot Super admin for longer than six months for either internal use or for a client. Super Admins should know the names of the tools and where they are found.

Participants should have at least two certifications (either finished or in-progress) out of the following HubSpot Academy Certifications:

  • Marketing Software Certification
  • Sales Software Certification
  • Service Software Certification
  • CMS for Marketers Certification
  • CMS for Developers Certification
  • RevOps Certification
  • HubSpot Reporting Certification Certification

This is an intermediate level program. If you are new to HubSpot and looking for admin foundations, please start with the HubSpot Academy certifications recommended above.

Our first virtual session will be on May 23, where we will cover:

  • HubSpot admin mentality, behaviors, and best practices
  • Wrapping HubSpot around your business
  • Cleaning, importing, and exporting data

Please return to this event page on May 23 to join our first session. See you there!



Thursday, May 23, 2024
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM UTC


Hit the Road Running


  • George Thomas

    George B. Thomas, LLC


  • Debbie Akintonde

    Instructor & Producer

  • Olivia Perek-Clark

    New Breed


  • Stjepan Grcic

    Digital Reach Online Solutions


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