Building Community for Marketing, Sales, and Service Bootcamp - May 2024

When you have a community connected to your brand, your customers become more than customers. Your brand has advocates, helpers, and champions. Creating a community is an important part of scale. HubSpot Academy is now offering a 6 week bootcamp that defines how to start, scale, and nurture an online community using HubSpot technology.

The HubSpot Academy Community Bootcamp is designed to help you scale that process.

HubSpot Certified Instructors will lead you through a hands on program in bootcamp format to explain:

  • What is Community Today - Intro to the Power of Modern Community
  • Using Your CRM (the right tech stack) to Power Your Community
  • Starting Your Community - Baby steps to define the process
  • Growing & Maintaining Your Community - Scaling for Results
  • Measuring the Success of Your Community
  • Community Kick Off

Attendees will be able to articulate the top priorities of creating and maintaining an effective community with a step by step approach to starting, building, and scaling a vibrant community. If you are in charge of building your community or your customers’ community, this bootcamp is for you. 

You're eligible for this bootcamp if:

  • You're a HubSpot Partner or customer.
  • You have a strong desire and commitment to start and scale your community.
  • You’re teachable and are willing to listen, learn, and apply the instructor's concepts.
  • You’re willing to attend all six weekly webinar sessions or listen to the recordings.
  • You're willing to dedicate 2 hours per week for individual work.

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Building Community for Marketing, Sales, and Service Bootcamp - May 2024

This six-week bootcamp will run from May 23 - June 27. By clicking the RSVP button below, you will be registered for the entire program and receive a calendar invite for week 1. You will receive a calendar invite for weeks 2-6 within one week of your registration.


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